Saturday, May 22, 2010

Little Squirrel

Though the house may feel empty and sparse
friends watch for you
from the smallest crack
to the tallest cabinet
treading lightly under carpets
and creeping across the sill
they free the stale air from your pockets

You are loved.

Friday, May 21, 2010

guidance from dust

generally, as a rule, I don't engage the religious realm for guidance, but i tend to put dust into a category of magic realism.
May has been particularly challenging for many people i've encountered, alot of latent problems rising to the surface at once. I think someone explained it to me that the electrical energy of the earth was reawakening and needing to escape somehow (hence, thunderstorm season). this is the part where I start to question any ''truths" I might read into this.

then again, someone read my iching for me lately and I'm challenging myself to sit and think with it.
The question I asked before throwing was "what do I need to see"

here's what i've been sitting with.

31. Influence


Influence. Success.
Perseverance furthers.


A lake on the mountain:
The image of influence.
Thus the superior man encourages people to approach him
By his readiness to receive them.

A mountain with a lake on its summit is stimulated by the moisture from
the lake. It has this advantage because its summit does not jut out as a peak
but is sunken. The image counsels that the mind should be kept humble and
free, so that it may remain receptive to good advice. People soon give up
counseling a man who thinks that he knows everything better than anyone


Six in the second place means:
The influence shows itself in the calves of the legs.
Tarrying brings good fortune.

In movement, the calf of the leg follows the foot; by itself it can neither go
forward nor stand still. Since the movement is not self-governed, it bodes ill.
One should wait quietly until one is impelled to action by a real influence.
Then one remains uninjured.

Nine in the fifth place means:
The influence shows itself in the back of the neck.
No remorse.

The back of the neck is the most rigid part of the body. When the influence
shows itself there, the will remains firm and the influence does not lead to
confusion. Hence remorse does not enter into consideration here. What
takes place in the depths of one's being, in the unconscious mind. It is true
that if we cannot be influenced ourselves, we cannot influence the outside

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

too cool for school

Remember school music class and recitals in the gym? Most of my memories involve playing hot cross buns on the recorder and wearing oversized tshirts printed wth the school logo. I did actually belong to the school choir for 2 years; singing in the gym at lunch hour was way better then trying to navigate bullshit on the playground. I think maybe if I had been given the chance to sing some beyonce (what would have been the equivilant at the time?) my life would be very different. The closest thing I can remember is Obla Di Olba Da; off key in the worst of ways.

Rcently I was introduced to the PS22 Chorus and I can't believe I've been missing out for so long!
Sometimes you don't know what you've been missing until you find it.

I'll admit it, I am a huge sucker for this kind of stuff, to the highest degree.
Something about those tiny soulfully singing faces..... how bad can shit be when you have a bunch of grade 5 telling you to keep on beleivin'?
Im totally addicted to watching all of these right now, thanks to Monique!

Friday, May 7, 2010

he is my favourite soul brotha

I ran a drop-in zine workshop tonight, each kid there made up a page, one guy wrote this and it made my day.

soul brotha for a long time
hes chill as iceeee
he is big in the heart and beast in the soul
i hope we will be soul brothas for a long time
me and him have always helped each other out when we needed it
mah soul broth is my best friend in the worldd

me and him are as tight as a knot
we never diss or cuss each other out

so you maybe be askin

how i met mah soul brotha

so me and him were chillin at the byc, i think im there now
I was lookin at him because I thought he was a guy i knew

a guy i was beafin with...

so i went up to him and i asked him if he was beafin with me
he said no and i said ok!!! me and him startin talkin and chillin
more and more then we became brothas through respect
but sometimes i dis apoint him...

so i think tonight im gonna impress him as much as i can

100% effort to him
top priority
me boppin troppin soul brotha